Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:01

Heather's Wrap-up

This is Part 3 of Heather's story. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for providing us with her heart-felt experiences as a cancer patient. Many times, it is difficult to express your inner most feelings and fears. Heather has done a remarkable job baring her soul and I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I encourage anyone who is reading her posts to do the same. Heather's Story I don't know why I was given this awful disease, but then again why is anybody subject to this? When I see children that…
Friday, 27 October 2017 18:48

Let the Treatments Begin!

This is part two of Heather's story of her fight again Triple Negative Breast Cancer. As I pointed out last week, Heather is a fighter and an openly frank person. Her step-by-step details about her surgery and treatments helps the reader have a better understanding of what a cancer patient sometimes has to endure to become a survivor. I applaud her honesty in describing her feelings. I had my breast and brain MRI on June 12. Kevin went with me on June 16 to Magee Women's Hospital to see the surgeon for the first time. It had been six- weeks…
Thursday, 19 October 2017 17:19

Facing the Truth by Heather Baughman

Knowing that my friend, Heather was recently diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer I decided to call and ask her if she would allow me to feature her story in this month's blogs. After a few moments hesitation, she agreed. We both felt that sharing her experiences with others might be helpful. I asked her to write down everything that has happened to her over the past six-months. Although it might be painful to do this, I also knew it could be very therapeutic. Two days later, she sent me her eight-page story. She started writing after my call, and…
Friday, 13 October 2017 00:10

Annual Mammograms Can Saves Lives!

This month I am sharing stories about women dealing with breast cancer. Last week, I shared the poignant story about my friend Pam Cook. This week I am sharing my story and that of another friend, Kay Dracup. I went to school with Kay and our friendship was renewed when she read my memoir and reached out to me. Through our correspondence, we learned that we experienced many of the same things while growing up. Her recently diagnosed breast cancer was very much like mine. When I requested stories from other breast cancer survivors, she immediately responded. I have always…
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:36

On the Wings of Angels

"On the Wings of Angels" This story is about a very special person, my friend Pam, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2009. It is a tribute to a truly strong and loving woman who gives more than she takes. She shared this story when I finally paid her a long overdue visit. Her story touched my heart and soul, and I felt the need to share it with others. I first met Pam in 1976, when she was a young cashier in her father's Golden Dawn store and I was a busy, divorced mother of two who…
Thursday, 28 September 2017 14:18

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am devoting my October blogs to sharing information and stories about this dreaded disease. I would like to include personal stories, beginning with my own, and including the stories of others who would like to share their experiences. If you, or someone you know, have experienced breast cancer and would like to share your story, please contact me via email. My email address is- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your permission to post the story in my October blogs. Medical New Today recently posted an article that I found to be very informative…
Friday, 15 September 2017 19:34

Inspired by "The Glass Castle"

The other night, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with my delightful friend, Beth Gerg, while enjoying a delicious dinner and watching the movie, "The Glass Castle". Beth introduced me to the book several years ago. I could not put the book down after reading the first sentence―"I was sitting in a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster." At the time, Beth had no idea how much this memoir by Jeanette Walls affected my life. When Beth first contacted tell me the…
Thursday, 07 September 2017 12:58

The Boys of Summer

As this swiftly moving summer was ending, I invited my thirteen-year-old grandson, Truman and five of his friends for a sleepover on a Saturday night in late August. These boys had spent the summer riding their bikes all over Brookville; spending time at the dam; sleeping over at each other's home, (many of them at Truman's); playing basketball and football at the school, and of course, playing games on their cellular phones. The night of the sleepover they drove down my driveway on their bikes, promptly laid them on their sides in front of the house, and ran into our…
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