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Diana Lynn's Family Directory

The names of Diana Lynn's family members, and their relationship her are listed below  according to the first page their name appears in "The Road Back to Hell.

Diana Lynn Smith Farley   Author   1
Annie Augusta  Powell  Wilson-(Gussie)   Maternal  Great-Grandmother   6
Bonnie Jean Woodard Smith   Diana's biological Mother   8
Stewart Edwin Smith   Diana's adoptive Father   8
Judith Amelia Smith-  Born August 4, 1954 -    Sister   8
Kim Louise Smith- Born August 12, 1956-    Sister   8
Linda Sue Smith- Born July 20, 1960    Sister   8
Lisa Jean Smith- Born June 20, 1963    Sister   8
Andrea   Lisa's daughter   12
Danny, Amy, Christine   Kim's children   12
Gary   Kim's husband   12
Don King   Name of father on Diana Lynn's birth certificate   18
Adeline Powell Woodard   Maternal Grandmother   18
Elmer Woodard   Paternal Grandfather   18
John Francis Foote   Annie Augusta (Gussie's) Father   18
Gerald (Jerry) Woodard   Eldest son of Adeline & Elmer (Diana's Uncle)   19
Kenneth (Kenny) Woodard   Second  son of Adeline & Elmer (Diana's Uncle)   19
Jenny Goodwill   Paternal Great-Grandmother   20
Jean Mason Woodard   Maternal Aunt by marriage   21
Jennette Patch Smith Conklin   Paternal Grandmother   21
Edwin Smith   Stew's biological Father   21
Gertrude Patch Smith   Paternal Great-Grandmother   21
Floyd Conklin   Stew's Step-father   22
Carol & Suzie Dowd; Mary Cross; Bill & Bob Woodard   Cousins   26
Lillian Wilson Cross   Daughter of Annie Augusta (Gussie) and William Wilson   27
Dorothy Wilson Dowd   Daughter of Annie Augusta  (Gussie)and William Wilson   27
Bob & Ruby Patch   Jennette Conklin's brother and his wife   49
William (Daddy Wilson)   Annie Augusta (Gussie) second  husband   91
Randy Sharp   Diana's first husband   115
Eileen Woodard   Kenny's wife   147
Todd Stewart Sharp   Diana and Randy's  eldest son   150
Marion Sharp   Randy's Mother   152
Tom Sharp   Oldest brother of Randy   157
Sue Sharp   Tom's wife   157
Stephanie, Laurie & William Joseph (Billy Joe)   Tom & Sue's  children   157
Janet Sharp Emerson   Only sister of Randy   157
John Sharp   Brother of Randy   157
Nathan Clifford Sharp   Diana & Randy's  second son   207
Jim Farley   Diana's husband   260
Matthew Sharp   Tom & Sue 's- youngest son   268
Corky (Leslie ) Axford   Judy's husband   277
Brandon Smith   Judy's oldest son   278
Jonathon Axford   Judy & Corky's son   278
Anastasia Axford   Judy & Corky's  granddaughter   278
Ashlyn   Kim's oldest granddaughte;  Amy's daughter   279
Miranda   Kim's granddaughter;  Christine's daughter   279
Sammy   Lisa's son   280
Joshua   Linda's son   281
Jamie   Linda's oldest daughter    281
Sara   Linda's youngest daughter   281
Shawna Sharp   Todd's wife   283
Matthew Orzechowski   Todd & Shawna's oldest son; my grandson   283
Dane Orzechowski   Todd & Shawna's  second son; my grandson   283
Rebecca Orzechowski   Dane's wife   283
Jody Sharp   Nathan's wife   284
Elliot Sharp   Nathan & Jody's oldest son; my grandson   284
Sophie Sharp   Nathan & Jody's daughter; my granddaughter   284
Truman Sharp   Nathan & Jody's youngest son; my grandson   284


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